Sanbo Zen International is an independent lay Zen order formerly known as the Sanbo Kyodan.  Sanbo means Three Treasures in Japanese and the Sanbo Zen line combines the best practices of the Soto (intensive zazen) and the Rinzai (koan practice) schools of Zen.  Unlike most other schools of Zen, Sanbo Zen International does not require its followers to embrace monastic life or to convert to Buddhism.  Some of the Zen masters, associate Zen masters and Zen teachers are in fact Catholic priests or nuns or Christian pastors.

Sanbo Kyodan was officially founded by Yasutani Haku’un Roshi (1885-1973) on January 8, 1954. It was also referred to as the Harada-Yasutani school because its method of training is largely based on the practice and tradition that Yasutani Roshi received from his master, Harada Dai’un Sogaku Roshi (1871-1961).

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