Finding peace of mind

Stress, anxiety, a nagging, sinking feeling that all is not well – how many of us are free from these slings and arrows?

Genuine peace of mind has become a very rare commodity in today’s world where superficial pleasures and commercial values can no longer satisfy, much less ensure our well being.

True peace of mind can only come about after one has experienced a deep realization of what each one of us really is, where we came from, and what we are meant to accomplish in our life.

Zen is a spiritual discipline that brings about a profound experience of our True Self. With regular practice, Zen helps us live our lives with the wisdom and clarity that arises from our True Self.

Zen is not a religion or a belief system. It is a way of life.

What is Zen?

There are several ways of answering this question. From the point of view of training and practice, we can say that Zen is a spiritual discipline to realize one’s true self. Zen accomplishes this through silencing the body and the mind using a basic tool: zazen – sitting contemplation centered on the breath. The more one perseveres in Zen, the more one discovers that contemplation can be practiced in all circumstances – whether it is washing dishes, changing a diaper or coping with rush hour traffic.

Getting Started

Zen is a way of experiencing directly, without any conceptual attachments. This takes practice.

We offer introductory two courses that help those interested to get a taste of what Zen is.

Practicing Zen


Glimpse into Zen is an introductory seminar that gives a basic taste and idea of what zen is about. It includes actual zazen (sitting contemplation, which is the core of our practice) and question and answer sessions. The Glimpse seminar is an introductory forum that precedes and is a prerequisite for the Zen Orientation Workshop.


Comprehensive Zen Orientation Workshops are held over a period of six weeks on Sunday mornings or afternoons. Each workshop provides participants all the necessary physical skills and background information to practice Zen. Participation to the Zen Orientation Workshop is free.


One of the pillars of Zen practice is zazenkai or group meditation. Although everyone can practice Zen meditation individually, it is easier to practice zazen meditation with a community of sitters known as sangha. At Zen Center Philippines, we hold zazenkai four times a week in our different zendo or meditation halls.


Another pillar of Zen practice is the sesshin or Zen retreat. The main activities in sesshin are zazen (sitting meditation), teisho (public teaching) and dokusan (private interview with the Teacher). These activities are supported by vegetarian meals, physical exercise, and short periods of light physical work. Zen Center Philippines holds sesshin around four times each year. The length of sesshin varies from two and a half to five days.

Our Schedule

Our Zendo

St. Scholastica Manila

St. Scholastica Archives and Museum
2F Pablo Ocampo cor. Sandejas St.
Vito Cruz, Pasay City
Philippines 1800

Zazenkai every Saturday
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Full Circle

First Floor, Center for Overseas Workers Good Shepherd Convent
1043 Aurora Blvd. Quezon City
Philippines 1800

Zazenkai every Wednesday and Friday, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m

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